Why We Sell One Mattress Brand

0:08 – How CushyLife was driven by consumer demand into the mattress business.
0:29 – How because ViSpring didn’t distribute in North America 5 years ago, Hastens was the next best thing.
1:00 – The difference in buying from CushyLife vs a salesman who won’t care if you stay happy with your purchase.
1:20 – CushyLife depends on its clients for business, why disappoint them?
1:36 – Vi-Spring is everything we believe you need in a mattress, so that’s all we sell.

It’s Jonathan from CushyLife, and I want to share with you why we only sell one mattress.

If you’ve heard me talk before you know that we never planned on being in the mattress business. Our clients drove us to it and they asked us to find a mattress, a brand that was going to solve a lot of their woes buying mattresses. One that they weren’t going to have to replace in a year or two, something that was going to last them a long time, be of great value, and really give them a great night’s sleep.

As you know, five or so years ago, that led us originally to Hastens, a brand out of Sweden. The reason we ended up with Hastens is that one, it was a great luxury brand at the time, and also Vi-Spring, who was really our first choice, wasn’t available in North America at the time, but they’ve solved that. Their distribution now in North America is fantastic. It’s really become the luxury brand in North America. It’s a boutique brand that relies on word of mouth.

In our store we’re not a typical mattress store where there are tons of mattresses to choose from, and a salesman’s looking at you like, “I’m going to make you walk out of here with something. I know you came in here for a mattress and you’re going to walk out with one of these things.” That’s what those salespeople say at those mattress stores.

But in our store, we want to sell a product to our clients that they’re going to be happy with, because we want them to come back later for other things, whether it’s window treatments or blinds, or bedding or couches or things like that. So if I sell a mattress that’s not worth it, that’s not going to happen, and that’s not our way. That’s not Michelle’s way, that’s not my way, that’s not how we handle it. So that’s why we only sell one mattress brand, and we don’t sell Hastens.

ViSpring, we feel, is all the things that are necessary in a fabulous mattress. It is supportive, it is all-natural, and it is a phenomenal value guaranteed over 25 years. The workmanship is second to none and, I can say this, all our clients that have them now are happy. When we sold Hastens, we didn’t always have that. In the world of luxury mattresses, ViSpring has really set itself apart as a luxury mattress. We’re happy to have them in Calgary and happy to help you.

If you’ve got questions about the brand, feel free to email us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the brand. Cheers.

CushyLife Window Treatments in the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery Dream Home

It’s been a great week here at CushyLife! We can (finally) show you the images from our latest project that we did for the Foothills Home Lottery.  Along with Jen Taylor of NuvoInteriorDesign.com we pulled off the window treatments and the Hunter Douglas blinds. (Jen did the amazing work on everything else!)

Jen has been a long-time client of CushyLife and we were so happy to work with her again on yet another Calbridge home.  Have a look at the rest of the Foothills Lottery Home Picture Gallery to see more of our window treatment styles for this $2.4 Million Dollar Estate Home.

Now if you need window treatments for your home, don’t fret, your home doesn’t have to be $2.3 Million!  We’ve done homes from your quaint little bungalow to full-on-custom homes in the $20 Million range.  Have a click on over to our Interior Design Services page to watch a quick video or just call us and one of our expert team members will be able to help you.  403-283-9992  If we’re unable to get to the phone, don’t worry, leave a nice detailed message and we’ll get back to you.  Or send an email and perhaps a photo of your space to michelle@

Foothills Hospital Home Lottery Living Room

CushyLife just completed the window treatments for this $2.3mil Foothills Home Lottery Showhome.

Are Bamboo Sheets Good?

00:20 – Why are bamboo sheets from the big box stores cheaper than the ones Cushy Life sells?
01:24 – The debate on bamboo begins – is it good for the environment or does the energy cost offset the benefits?
01:50 – How rayon has turned bamboo from sustainable to synthetic, causing real bamboo product to be more expensive.
02:30 – Why are bamboo products in big department stores so much cheaper? They’re more likely to be rayon or blends.
03:30 – Cushy Life’s policy on obtaining quality bamboo sheets and towels.

Hey! It’s Jonathan, and I got a great question today in the store from a woman who was asking about bamboo sheets. She asked it we sold them, and we do. But she was quite surprised by the prices that we sold them for because they’re a lot higher than the ones that she just bought at one of the big box stores that will remain nameless, but I will just share that they were beyond our doors, down the streets somewhere.

Bamboo sheets are kind of interesting. They’re pitched as a renewable product, very good for the environment. Bamboo grows incredibly fast. You may know it as a building product. Everything from tables to chairs to huts and houses. It’s incredibly inexpensive, and as I mentioned it grows incredibly fast. It used to be used as a torture device ages ago.

When bamboo fibers are broken down, they create a fiber that can be woven and turned into a fabric. On the one side, the pitch for the bamboo is that it’s environmentally friendly, bamboo is easy to grow, fast, quick, renewable, you name it. The thing is, to make bamboo, to turn bamboo into a fiber that can be woven, takes an incredible amount of energy.

So the debate begins – is there in fact an environmental advantage to bamboo, because to turn it into a fiber takes a lot of energy and expense and could kind of offset the benefits. That’s kind of the pitch against bamboo.

The one thing that we found that happens when bamboo first came onto the market pretty heavily a number of years ago is that bamboo fiber looks a lot like rayon, which is synthetic. So bamboo – all natural, perhaps organic in some ways. Rayon – not so much.

A lot of our suppliers were hesitant to create bamboo sheets, towels, until they could really confirm and trust that the bamboo fiber that was coming into the marketplace to be woven into sheets and towels and things like that, was not rayon.

What has happened is that true bamboo product is more expensive than the “bamboo” product you may find in a big box department store, because the bamboo product that is on the department store shelves is a little bit suspect, and many people would say that it is, in fact, rayon. Or it’s a blend. Just like when you buy organic food in the grocery store, it only needs to be a certain percentage of organic product to actually be called organic. The same thing is true for bamboo product.

So the woman who came into the store was surprised. She loved her sheets, and I don’t doubt that. She loves her sheets. They’re soft, they’re silky, they’re smooth. They may fall apart in a little while. If she bought the bamboo sheets to be sleeping on a natural, organic type of environment, she may perhaps be on the complete opposite of that with a very synthetic rayon or rayon/bamboo blend, if it is, in fact, that.

We have bamboo product. We have bamboo sheets, we have the ability to order in bamboo towels. We don’t stock a lot of it because we still feel somewhat suspect. But the product that we do get the bamboo sheets and towels from, we feel very strongly about. Over the years we’ve seen them do their diligence. They’ve waited, they’ve hesitated, then they’ve finally adopted a product that they feel good about and have turned it into sheets that we feel good about selling to our client base.

So, if you’ve got questions about bamboo, or if you have questions about anything, feel free to e-mail us at support@cushylife.com and we’d be happy to help you. You can also fill out the form found on the Contact Us page. Send me a question and I’d be happy to answer it in the next edition of our videos, and by all means, come on down to the store – 1039 Kensington Road in Calgary. Happy to help you! Cheers.